How strong do I need to be to kite, surf or paddle?
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You do need to be in relatively good physical condition, that's all dependent on how you want to push yourself..
We have 10 years old kids starting kitesurfing and the oldest person we taught was 69 years old...for now ! 
Every week in our stand Up Fitness classes we have persons from all different background and ages.
At 8 years we give them a stand up. At 4 a surfboard.
We have activities for all the fitness levels and ages.

Why would I learn Kite or surfing?
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Kitesurfing provides
you tons of pleasure instantly !
Live in 3 dimensions.
Kitesurfing gives feelings of
freedom, power and speed.
The good thing is
learn it once have it
for your all life !!!!
Kitesurfing is easy and
fast to learn for anyone.
For surfers : It is the best
thing to do when surf is choppy.
The full equipment required
needs a tiny place and make
it easy to travel with...
A long talk or a great video....
explanation by the master

Surfing has many ways to enjoy the water.
Now with the stand up paddle,
you can learn to surf so fast that you will be
having fun on the water in minutes...

With this three skills every day will be fun !

How long does it take to learn kitesurfing?
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Based on the hundreds of students taught. It takes an average student with little or no experience approx. 5-8 hours of professional instruction with ideal wind & water conditions to learn the basics. For a complete tuition (riding upwind) you will need around 20 hours.



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